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The worship is held each Sunday morning at 10:00 am.  The worship sermon is broadcasted Sunday          mornings at 10:00 am on KGEZ (600 AM or 96.5 FM).   It is also available on facebook.

May 2023:  Current Sermon Series: 

Acts of the Apostle’s ~ God actions through the people, the church, and the world

We are studying the book of Acts and discover examples of faithfulness by the early church which:

·    Shared the good news in words and actions,

·    formed diverse communities where people are equals, and

·    trusted in the power and guidance of the Spirit.

This sermon series will take us through the entire book of Acts chapter by chapter.   In

preparation for the sermon series please read the entire book of Acts and check out the Bible Project’s summary of Acts (Google: Bible Project Acts and scroll down to watch part 1 & 2). 

We look forward to seeing you in worship!

Bible Study:  

We start our new year with a thought provoking book by Brian McLaren titled "Do I Stay Christian"?  Certain brands of Christianity seem to veer off the central  message of Jesus to follow a very different agenda than the Kingdom of God.  McLaren addresses an important question ~ Do I Stay Christian?  Books are available at Amazon.  All are invited to attend!

Presbyterian Women (PW), ALL women are invited and encouraged to attend: 

Meets the first Thurday of each month through May

        PW  Luncheon is at 12:00 pm followed by a program which is always very well received

        PW Circles meet the 3rd Thursday of each month through May

              Ruth Circle @ 10:00 am       

              Naomi Circle @ 1:00 pm             

              Martha Circle @ 1:00 pm

Men's Group will be starting back up in October 2023



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